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Harrisonburg – Casting call for student film – Weekends between 10/18-11/19 – Unpaid

CASTING CALL – “Behind Closed Doors”
Director: James Crowley – https://jcrowley576304357.wordpress.com/
Producers: Jared Briscoe, Joe Grace, Rocco Bifferato
Casting: Bethanie Richters & James Crowley

Log Line: A group of friends meet up at their local diner before they attend a friend’s party. When they return to the diner a few days later, everything has changed.

This narrative revolves around mental health. This short film contains mature themes and subject matter such as strong language, mental illness, trauma, suicide, addiction, and the use of fake weapons.

Non-Union, unpaid student production filming in late October/the month of November in the Harrisonburg, VA area. No housing/travel provided. No pay but food on set + access to film for reels + a screening of this film in a local theater for SMADFest at JMU is provided.

MAN 1 (18-26) – Playing a suicidal man, he only expresses his suicidal thoughts in the opening scene with a gun to his head. Throughout his other scenes, he behaves normally, talking to his friends as if nothing is wrong in his life at home.

MAN 2 (20-26) – Struggles with how he looks and being overweight. He is working on his health and is not suicidal but is unhappy at this moment in his life. He gets made fun of a little by his friends.

MAN 3 (20-26) – A drug addict: his friends don’t know it, but he is struggling with addictions to a various number of drugs and alcohol. While in person with his friends he covers it up, his personality is fidgety, anxious, and amusing to friends.

MAN 4 (18-26) – This is the man who eventually attempts to commit suicide (not shown in film, just mentioned), but before we know that, he is the last character that we suspect of doing that. He behaves and talks in a positive manner, showing no signs of weakness and talking a lot with friends when they are together.

MAN 5 (20-26) – He is a more stereotypical image of what people think depression looks like, lying in bed, with a messy room, very sluggish, lazy, and unproductive. It is hinted that he is heartbroken when his friends ask him about the breakup is going, and he is hoping for a particular notification on his phone as he lays in bed.

Waitress (25+) – Ideally is several years older than the group of men. She is a caring waitress to the men and knows them because they are regulars at the diner.

Girlfriend (20-25) – The girlfriend of Man4, who attempts suicide. She has known them all for a while now, hence why she is appalled that none of her boyfriend’s friends saw this coming. She is upset and angry at them for not helping him out and upset that she couldn’t do enough.

Neighbor Man (Any age) – The neighbor of Man 3 in a quick scene. Talks to him in the hallway about how things are going.

Special Note: We invite individuals of all ages, experiences, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, gender expressions, and sexualities to audition.

Submit this application at https://forms.gle/nyHpVg4o3epoNZ4bAby October 18th at 11:59 pm EST. If you have any questions, email bethanieannecasting@gmail.com