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Harrisonburg – Casting Call for Narrative short film – February 2023 – Paid

Casting ‘Curtain Call,’ a narrative short film. Non-union only. Shooting in Harrisonburg, VA. Non-local is fine but there will be no compensation for travel and stay if not local. Food will be covered and provided. Will be submitted to short film festivals nationwide. Film contains strong language and mature themes/subject matter. Email headshot, selfie (can be low-quality), resume, and a reel if you have one to bethanieannecasting@gmail.com

Description: Michael Murphy was a child with tremendous potential, having shown a gift for the piano from a young age. But when his father’s spirit is crushed in the wake of a family tragedy, he loses the only support system he ever had, growing into a solemn teenager with no particular direction in life.
But Michael’s not giving up just yet. With graduation on the horizon, he has one last song to play his classmates…and all he needs is a .44 magnum to get started.

Michael Murphy (Male, 16-25):
A disillusioned senior in high school who never expected life to go the way it’s gone. While once a promising pianist, he lost his passion for music shortly after losing his mother and brother in a car accident, causing him to grow into a hollow shell of what used to be. Must know how to play piano.

Richard Murphy (Male, 40-60):
Much like his oldest son, Richard was once a talented pianist full of life and vitality. But when tragedy strikes, Richard’s grief causes him to lose sight of the things that matter most, including music. As the years pass, he spirals into a deep depression, isolating him from his only surviving child. Must know how to play piano.

Aaron Kowalski (Male, 16-23)
A bubbly young man who’s as kind as he is talented, Aaron is everything Michael could’ve been had things turned out differently. Aaron has a bright future ahead of him, having recently been accepted into Juilliard; he never lets this get to his head, however, as he continues to be a supportive peer to Michael. It’s this blissful attitude, however, that inadvertently gets under Michael’s skin, which Aaron soon learns about the hard way.

Ms. Nesbit (Female, 25-60)
A middle aged music teacher who was never there for Michael as much as she should’ve been. Prone to choosing favorites, Ms. Nesbit dedicates more of her time to Aaron, sending Michael down a collision course of jealousy from which there’s no return. It’s not until Michael brings a gun to her classroom, however, that she sees the error of her ways.

Young Michael (Male, 10-15):
A younger version of the boy who’d one day bring a gun to school. While plagued with insecurity, young Michael is far more stable than his older counterpart, with him having a support system he can rely on. All it takes is a single tragedy, however, for all of this to come toppling down.

Marina Murphy (Female, 30-60):
A beacon of happiness in the Murphy family, acting as the supportive glue that held everything together. In the wake of her death, her husband and son are reduced to lost, aimless souls, further emphasizing how imperative she was to the stability of the family.

Dean Murphy (Male, 5-10):
Dean embodies the innocence of the world. He’s always eager to support his family, and is as passionate about dinosaurs as his brother is about piano.

Young Aaron (Male, 10-15):
Just as friendly and encouraging as his older self. Often the show stealer at his school’s recitals, young Aaron unknowingly fills Michael with envy, representing everything he wishes he could be. And it’s for this reason why Michael had always pushed Aaron away. But that doesn’t stop Aaron from trying to be Michael’s friend whenever he can. Must be familiar with piano.

Website: https://www.gofundme.com/f/curtain-call-short-film?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1