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Hampton Roads – Filmapalooza Seattle on Tour – Aug. 4 – fee


Filmapalooza Seattle Kicks Off Next Week

In less than a week, 300 filmmakers from around the world will travel to Seattle for one of the biggest 48HFP filmmaking events of the year–Filmapalooza!

Filmapalooza is the 48HFP’s international festival and competition, where they screen all of their city-winning 48HFP films from the previous year and celebrate their global filmmaking community. It’s an action-packed and film-filled weekend that you won’t want to miss out on.

And you don’t have to–you can follow along on social media.  They will be posting updates and videos throughout the festival and the winners will be posted as soon as they are announced.  Check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/48hourfilmproject and their Twitter Account at http://twitter.com/48hourfilmproj and keep an eye out for #48Filma for posts from the attendees.

Or, if you are the crazy impetuous type, come to Filmapalooza! Registration is still open at http://48hourfilm.com/filmapalooza.

This year’s Filmapalooza will feature 14 screenings over four days including all 134 city-winning 48HFP films, 12 special genre competition films, two 48-Day Feature films, a special Seattle 48HFP and Grand Champion retrospective–and, of course, it all culminates in their highly-anticipated Best of 2016 screening. Filmmakers will also have the opportunity to attend workshops with topics such as going from short film to feature film, producing a web series, the business of acting, screenwriting, and a special workshop presented by Adobe titled Filmmaking Hacks for Making a Film on a Budget.

In addition, they are pleased to announce their Filmapalooza keynote speaker, IndieFlix co-founder and CEO, Scilla Andreen.



Early Tour Dates

With Filmapalooza starting next week, that means another big event is soon to follow–the Kickoff of their 2017 48HFP World Tour! Below are some of the cities that have already announced dates for this year’s 48HFP competition. They’ll start their tour this year with a special 48HFP Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Project in Geneva. After that they move into France as they hit Côte d’Azur along with Tours, Clermont-Ferrand, and Nijmegen (in the Netherlands) in the first few weeks. Their first U.S. cities begin in April as they travel to San Jose and Orlando. This is just the first batch of tour updates, and they have many cities announcing their competition dates weekly. Be sure to check out http://48hourfilm.com/weekends to get their most up to date tour schedule–and make plans to enter their team in a city near you!

March 17, 2017

·         Geneva, CH (Sci-Fi)

March 24, 2017

·         Côte d’Azur, FR

March 31, 2017

·         Tours, FR

·         Nijmegen, NL

April 7, 2017

·         Clermont-Ferrand, FR

·         San Jose, CA

April 28, 2017

·         Orlando, FL

May 12, 2017

·         Aquitaine

June 2, 2017

·         Boston, MA

June 9, 2017

·         Houston, TX

June 16, 2017

·         Asheville, NC

June 23, 2017

·         Greensboro, NC

July 14, 2017

·         Cleveland, OH

·         Detroit, MI

·         Pittsburgh, PA

August 4, 2017

·         Hampton Roads, VA

August 25, 2017

·         Rotterdam, NL