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Falls Church – Casting Drama/Short Thriller – Aug 6-11 – Paid

Acting opportunity for 15-19 Male actors. We’re shooting in Northern VA in early August. We’re looking for actors who are really looking to push themselves and their abilities. We’re shooting almost entirely night exteriors in difficult locations, but the results will speak for themselves.

Synopsis: A few friends sneak out of their cozy homes in the dead of night only for their teenage mischief to end after they encounter a dying girl in a storm drain. It becomes incredibly difficult to save her when they realize that the man who did this to her might be coming back to finish the job.

Audition Details: All auditions will be done online, details for which will be in the responding e-mail. Auditions due by July 18th.

About the Production: The film is directed by Simon Lundquist of Local Boy Makes Movies Productions, https://lbmm.biz . He has written and directed award-winning short films and is very excited to get started on this ambitious difficult film that is sure to show the strengths of any aspiring actor looking to challenge themselves. It will be shot in Falls Church, VA.

Character Descriptions:

Jeremy – Male 15-19 (Lead):

A suburban teen anxious to escape his home, but also his traumatic past. He is filled with regret and guilt after he failed to save his little brother from a house fire. So much so, that when faced with a dying girl, he risks everything to try and save her to make up for his troubled past.

Sasha – Male 15-19 (Major Supporting):

Jeremy’s best friend. He is the most paranoid out of all of them, but also the
most vulnerable and likes to play hero, even though the only person he is helping is himself

If you’re interested e-mail: ImHereToSaveYouCasting@gmail.com with your name, age, primary email, headshots (not required but appreciated), the character you would like to audition for, and phone number. We will reply with the sides for the character you would like.