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D.C. – Casting for Student Film – May 1 & 2 – Unpaid

SHORT FILM: “KATIE” DIRECTOR: Shirin Saghaie, Grad Film Student at American University’s School of Communication


Production Description: Katie wants to impress her little daughter Sarah whom she sees only on Sundays by taking her to an amusement park; a trip she cannot afford. Proving her daughter that she is capable of being a good mother turns into a challenge when Katie runs into a precarious situation which embarrasses her daughter.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations: Rehearsal in mid & end-April in Washington, D.C.; shooting on May 1st and 2nd in the Washington Metro Area.

Compensation & Union Contract Details: Meals, film file, and credit will be provided.

Submit by sending your resume and headshot photo to katie.audition@gmail.com Please indicate the name of the role you are applying for in your email.

KATIE (Lead): Female, 19-27, all ethnicities Katie is impulsive. She never learned how to be diplomatic, tending to be self-centered. Even though struggling financially, Katie always aspires independence and freedom. She is protective and loves her daughter more than anything, willing to do everything to get her back. Sometimes she is absent-minded and naive. Katie’s parenting skills are poor because she was a teen when she got pregnant. Lacking a formal education, family support, and a safety net makes her vulnerable. Katie works as a pet sitter and dog walker, but the infrequent income is never enough.

SARAH (Supporting): Female, 5-8, all ethnicities Sarah lives with her father and her paternal grandma. She sees her mom only on the weekends. She wants an average family, but her mom cannot provide her stability. Sarah is stubborn with a strong will and intuition. She pays attention to how people feel but tries to avoid emotions. She is annoyed by being torn between her mom and her dad. Sarah loves to spend time with her friends, and be on FaceTime with them when they’re not around. Her current wish is to have her own puppy.

GLENDA (Supporting): Female, 70-90, all ethnicities Glenda provides her granddaughter Sarah a stable life. She sticks to routines and tradition. Her primary goal is to replace Sarah’s mom and make sure that her granddaughter gets her education. Glenda still cannot forgive her son for his “mistake” to become a father at such a young age with such a “crazy” girl like Katie. But she loves Sarah and sees in her the daughter that she never had. Glenda is dominant and merciless. She never questions her decisions and views. She tries to suppress her empathy for others to win every battle.

IVON (Supporting): Female, 19-27, all ethnicities Ivon is Katie’s neighbor. She supports Katie, but she also tries to be a severe advisor when it comes to improving Katie’s life. No matter how frustrating Katie’s actions get, Ivon remains a reliable friend for her. Ivon reveals her gentle and caring character only to her family and Katie; to anyone else, she acts harsh and cold-hearted.

LUCY (Supporting): Female, 21-55, all ethnicities Lucy is a hardworking attendant at an amusement park. She does her job accurately and avoids conflict as much as possible. She enjoys her position at the ticket booth and is confident in her performance.