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D.C. – Casting for student film – April 6, 13, 14 – non paid

Shooting location: Washington DC

Shooting date: April 6 and April 13-14

Deadline for applications: March 22, 2019

Payment details: No Pay, but meals will be provided

Contact: Kat_a_cooper@yahoo.com 


Production title: Death From Afar

Production type: Student Film

Length: ~6 minutes


Synopsis: Dallas (32) is a drunk, abusive, and unfaithful husband. When he comes home one day and unleashes a drunk rage upon his wife, Trinity (25), finally loses it and kills him. Shortly after, Dallas awakens in a dark room and meets a mysterious figure who he comes to know as the reaper and learns he is doomed to Hell. However, he won’t get the chance to pass over because something more sinister than the devil himself is looking for Dallas.


[DALLAS] [GENDER: MALE] [RACE:AFRICAN AMERICAN] [AGE: 25-35] An attractive, charming man to the outside world, but on the inside and to his wife, he is the devil himself.


A submissive young woman pushed to the edge by her husband’s evil ways.


MUST BE 6 FEET OR TALLER. A tall silent, and lanky creature doomed to walk the earth carrying the bones of his father after he kills him for abusing his mother. He is the embodiment of Karma and tends to pray on womanizers.