Manassas – Screenwriting Workshop – Sept 23 – Fee

SCREENWRITING: From Idea to Execution

We all have a story to tell. Whether you want to learn the skill of screenwriting or you a filmmaker wanting to understand your industry, come meet like-minded people for a day of training and networking.

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Early Bird Admission Price: $59 (Ends Sept 13)

Regular Admission: $79


What You’ll Learn:

Think like a Producer: stop pitching fellow indies

Logline: an essential part that gives life to your story

Synopsis: get your 1-pager right

Writing Treatments: why it’s more about you than them

Outlining: do you or don’t you

Three Act Structure: mastery leads to breaking the rules

The Hero’s Journey: knowing the stories written on our souls

Character Arcs: which characters need them & developing likable and relatable characters that we root for

Writing Good Dialogue: realistic and natural

Software: what’s standard & what’s cheap

Selling Your Script: getting an Agent & Copyrighting

Screenplay Competitions: are any out there worth it & How about paying for coverage